How do you feel when you start your day?

As your personal health assistant I support you in creating your daily life regarding your goals and wishes. The key for your successfull and happy day is within you already – you simply need to know, where it is. And that’s what I’m here for! No matter in which area of your life you wish to better something: Together we talk about the possibilities for realising your topics in your daily life. You can tell me what your wishes are regarding my work with you and then we can organize our cooperation. With me as your virtual health assistant you will gain more awareness about and with yourself, others and the environment around you.

Through the coachings and practices you are enabled to push your luck and support your health on a long term basis.

You want to start your day with a smile?
You want to enjoy and create your life – not just to take part of it? Then ArbeitsSinfonie (work symphony) is the right address for you!


You choose WHEN and HOW OFTEN I support you and regarding to what TOPICS. This way the coachings fit perfectly into your life. When we do exercises or classes together, they will be simply presented and created for your requirements.



You tell me the topic, I will offer the impulses.
Wherever you stand right now: this is, where we will start from. The coachings, the exercises and the impulses are exactly suitable for your situation (for example for the kind of job you’re doing).


For our successfull collaboration we want to have a respectful, honest and friendly contact. I’d love to get to know you and your topic more, for supporting you best.




Is it time for more self-reflection and optimizing work routines?

Your wellbeing has a meaningful impact on your employees, your colleagues and your customers.
Strengthen your health lifting your potential to meet all the demands of your working life.


More breaks from thinking about work? Ideas and ways for dealing with stressful demands at work?

Some situations and demands are hard to mitigate or are not changeable.
For staying healthy and content, strengthen your protection for daily life.
Develop (and apply) methods and exercises to protect you from stressful situations.

Daily life artists – ready fort he next step

Do you want to be successful, healthy & free?
Do you want to make your dreams and wishes come true? Do you want to be a creator rather than just a creation?

With our cooperation you’ll get helpful tools for realising your wishes and ideas. We will support you on your mission.

Build your safe foundation for a healthy, happy life.


Don’t follow some path, let the path follow YOU!

Do you wonder where you are going?
Dive into the world of your wishes, goals and your self.
We will support you on your path with impulses, that help you in your current situation.


Do you live, what you teach others?

A healthy, happy daily life plays an important role for you. You are often seen as a role model from many of the people, around you.
How do you sustain and support your health?
What in your daily life can you draw from to have enough energy to share it with others?

We’re happy to come to your school/university/high school, also – send us a message!


Would you like to find out more?
Do you have questions?
Message us and we will find outhow we can help.



Often our feelings tell us that it’s time to look closer at a topic, or to change something in our behaviour.
No matter why you want to work on a part of your life or to change something: We’re happy to support you!

As your virtual health assistant, we can help you making changes in your daily routines, install

new habits and we will work with you on any subject you bring to coaching.
With a wholistic view on health, we can work on all levels: thinking, feeling, acting, being.

IMPORTANT! This is a prevention program, which sustains and supports health. It is not therapy.

We’re looking forward to meet you and to sharing a part of your path with you!


  • Risk assessment for psychic demands – What? Why? What for? How?
  • Daily life artists – healthy and happy through mindfulness and awareness (Positive Psychology)
  • Life in free fall – Where am I and where am I going?


  • Work-situation-analysis (3,5 hours)

  • Healthy on all levels: Discovering & changing thought- & behaviour-clusters (3 or 6 hours)

  • Daily life artists: awareness, mindfulness, resource-activation, relaxation (8 hours or 2 days)


  • First aid towards happiness: How to reduce stress and support health

    ->become a first aid pro for health and happiness (1 day)

  • Sunbeams: How can you support others to be healthy and content (2 days)

  • Daily life artists: Taketime out from daily life, which welcomes you into the now and after which you will experience happier days (8 days)


Would you like to find out more?
Do you have questions?
Message us and we will find outhow we can help.


„Durch das Coaching bin ich extrem gewachsen und mein Selbstbewusstsein hat sich enorm gesteigert. In jeder Coaching Stunde hat Alexandra eine Atmospha?re erschaffen, in der ich mich sicher gefu?hlt habe. Ich konnte, ich selbst sein, mich fallen lassen und alle Gefu?hle durften da sein. Sie wusste immer genau was ich in den verschiedenen Momenten gebraucht habe. Ich wu?rde jedem ein Coaching empfehlen, der bereit ist, in seinem Leben etwas zu vera?ndern und alleine nicht mehr vorankommt. Bei mir wurden viele negative/alte Gedankenmuster aufgelo?st. Ich habe es geschafft mir neue positive Muster anzulegen. Durch das Coaching wurden mir unheimliche viele Tools mit auf dem Weg gegeben.“


„U?ber die Zusammenarbeit mit ArbeitsSinfonie sind wir sehr dankbar. Frau Alexandra Klinke unterstu?tzt kleine bis große Unternehmen ganz nach Ihren Bedu?rfnissen. Am Anfang steht eine genaue Absprache und Ist-Analyse, die ihr als Fundament fu?r die weiteren Schritte dient. Frau Klinke widmet sich ihren Aufgaben gewissenhaft und mit voller Aufmerksamkeit. Mit ihrer authentischen und optimistischen Art, Vortra?ge und Workshops zu gestalten, gewinnt sie schnell die Aufmerksamkeit und Teilnahmebereitschaft aller Beteiligten. Auch unser Praxisteam selbst konnte schon von ihren Inhalten der Positiven Psychologie sowie von der Unterstu?tzung bei der Gefa?hrdungsbeurteilung psychischer Belastungen profitieren. Herzlichen Dank und weiterhin alles Gute!“

AMK Arbeitsmedizin

„Mit einer wohldosierten Kombination aus informativen und unterhaltsamen Elementen in ihrem Vortrag, gelingt es Alexandra Klinke stets, ihre Zuho?rerschaft zu fesseln. Sie versteht es exzellent, ihre Erfahrungen begeisternd mitzuteilen, gleichzeitig aber auch kritische Punkte zu thematisieren. Souvera?n und sicher unterstu?tzt sie ihre Ausfu?hrungen durch einpra?gsame Powerpoint- Pra?sentationen. Im Organisatorischen Bereich zeigt sie sich immer a?ußerst kooperativ, flexibel und zuverla?ssig. Wir sind sehr daran interessiert, dass Frau Klinke uns auch ku?nftig mit ihrem Angebot zur Verfu?gung steht.“

Kaspar-Zeuß-Gymnasium in Kronach

About me

  • Engagement 100% 100%
  • Quality 100% 100%
  • Discretion 100% 100%
  • Organisation 100% 100%
  • Teamwork 100% 100%


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About me

Alexandra has always heeded the call to provide health practice techniques to those she came into contact with. Her experience has come from working with different companies, different activities, different strengths and working to solve problems and to generate solutions for working lives.

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